800 Airport Drive, Suite 15 | Dothan, AL | Phone: 334-983-8100 | Fax: 334-983-3594


Airport Administration

Airport Director: Art Morris
Deputy Airport Director: Adam Hartzog

The Dothan Regional Airport is self-supporting. No tax dollars go to operating the Dothan Regional Airport. Many other airports receive city and county tax dollars to sustain their operations. The Dothan Regional Airport generates its revenue from the users of the airport. There are approximately twenty businesses or agencies which conduct their activities at the airport. They pay rent, landing fees, and other charges for using the facility. The rates have been negotiated over the years to insure they are advantageous to the airport as well as to the user. The solid financial condition enjoyed by the Dothan Regional Airport can be credited to the dedicated efforts of past members of the authority who took seriously the public trust given them.

The Dothan Regional Airport is a busy airport in terms of takeoffs and landings when you include military aircraft. This is due primarily to the large number of aircraft from Ft. Rucker which use the airport for training purposes. Approximately 80,000 aircraft operations took place at the Dothan Regional Airport in 2015.

ExpressJet (Delta Connection) serves Dothan Regional Airport, providing an average of four daily departures and arrivals for the local population base. These flights connect through Atlanta to points throughout the United States and the world.

ExpressJet provides swift, relaxing, convenient and affordable air transportation. They operate the CRJ-200 jet (50 passenger) aircraft in the Dothan market. ExpressJet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Skywest Airlines and your miles qualify for Delta’s frequent flier miles programs.

Employment Opportunities

The Dothan-Houston County Airport Authority employs four administration personnel along with a staff of police, fire and maintenance personnel. Contact the office (334) 983-8100 to enquire about job openings. The administrative office does not have information on employment opportunities with its tenants. Please contact each business independently to enquire about employment.