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Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce



The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce mission is to work with businesses, governmental entities and citizens to build a thriving regional business network.

Please contact Matt Parker or Dean Mitchell at 334-792-5138 for more information.

Leasing Opportunities

Leasing Opportunities

Dothan Regional Airport offers many opportunities for businesses moving to the Wiregrass Area. Please search our Available Properties map. If you are unable to find a property to suit your needs or have any questions on existing properties, please contact the Airport Authority at 334-983-8100. We look forward to working with you.

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Advertising Opportunities

At The Dothan Regional Airport, we see over 90,000 passengers come and go from our airport on an annual basis. Get your business in front of all those people.

Rates & Current Advertising Opportunities:

All advertising at DHN is handled by Clear Channel. To learn more, please contact Liz Ruhmel with Clear Channel Airports at 1-610-674-6042, or at elizabethruhmel@clearchannel.com. She would love to discuss advertising at the DHN airport with you to determine if it is a good fit for your business.




Geographically located in the southeast corner of Alabama and 20-miles from Fort Rucker, Dothan Regional Airport is part of what keeps the Wiregrass buzzing with activity. DHN is easily accessible from major highways and provides a range of aviation services. 500,000 people are within a 90-minute drive of Dothan Regional Airport, connecting the Wiregrass with the world.Industrial Park


  • Contemporary terminal building with parking
  • Full-service industrial park – 240 acres, electricity, gas, water, sewer
  • 8,500’ x 150’ runway
  • 5,000’ x 100’ runway
  • Level I VFR tower
  • Two full-service FBOs
  • Two Instrument Landing Systems

Emergency Services

  • Dothan-Houston County Airport Authority fire & EMS protection 24-hours a day; additional off-airport support provided by City of Dothan and Ft.Rucker fire departments
  • FAA Index B Rating Fire Department
  • Firefighting vehicle –1,500 gallon ARFF with 500 lbs. dry chemical
  • Rapid Intervention ARFF/EMS Vehicle
  • Water tank – 2M gallons, water well for pressure and storage
  • Police protection 24-hours a day

Foreign Trade Zone

  • General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone No.233
  • Elimination of inverted tariffs
  • No duties on military or government contracts
  • Scrap duty savings
  • ExpeditedU.S.Customs


Education and Workforce Development

  • EnterpriseStateCommunity College/AlabamaAviation & TechnicalCollege– The only public two-year college in theU.S.with a mission to prepare technicians for the aviation industry. The college offers specialized training in areas of aviation maintenance, technology, flight technology, and avionics technology.
  • Wallace Community College – A public two-year college located in Dothan provides training in drafting, sheet metal fabrication & riveting, and offers a Welding Technology Program, Machine Program and an Electronics & Electrical Technology Program.
  • TroyUniversityDothan– The four-year system offers programs and degrees in business and engineering.
  • Alabama Industrial Development Training
  • Embry-Riddle campus at Fort Rucker

Regional Labor Force

    • Dothan market area – 515,000 people
    • Civilian Labor Force – 168,000 in market area
    • Headquarters of Army Aviation Branch
    • FortRuckerArmyAviationCenter– 4,900 active duty with 14,000 base population

Dothan Regional Airport is located approximately 7 miles northwest of Dothan's central business district and situated in Dale County within the city limits of Dothan. The airport is well-positioned to meet the air transportation needs of Dale, Henry, and Houston Counties, the City of Dothan and other nearby communities such as Abbeville, Headland, Enterprise, Ft. Rucker, Ozark, Midland City and our neighbors in northern Florida and southwestern Georgia. 

Dothan Regional Airport consists of 1,200 acres of land, a 8500' all weather runway, a 5000' secondary runway, a 27,000 square foot terminal building, buildings occupied by Commercial Jet, FlightSafety International, Aero-One Aviation and Flightline of Dothan, as well as additional buildings, firefighting equipment and all the modern navigational facilities needed to operate all types of aircraft in all types of weather in and out of the Wiregrass area.

DHN's industrial park (240 acres) includes electricity, gas, water, sewer, a Level I VFR tower and two Instrument Landing Systems. The airport provides fire and emergency service protection 24-hours a day, with off-airport support from the City of Dothan.