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Flight Status due to Irma

Please go to Delta.com and watch for all cancellations and delays due to hurricane Irma. 9/10/17  the LAST flight of today has been cancelled 9/11/17 the FIRST flight of the day has been cancelled. No word on other flights for Monday.  Please stay safe out there! Thank you for flying Dothan!

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SIDA Badge increase

Due to increase in cost The Dothan Regional Airport is having to increase charges on SIDA badges. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause: Effective October 1, 2017 Fingerprinting charge $30 Programmable badge: $20 Non programmable badge: $5

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The Dothan Regional Airport, operated by the Dothan-Houston County Airport Authority, Dothan, Alabama, hereby publishes a proposed overall goal for its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program for FY 2017 for the Dothan Regional Airport. The proposed overall goal is 9.08% for the Apron Rehabilitation and 3.5% for the Signage Improvements both of which are FAA-AIP…

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